Continental Shifts Podcast

Organizing & More

What will it take to organize across ethnic groups, specifically Pacific Islander and Asian communities? In this episode, we chop it up with the amazing Tavae Samuelu to strategize ways we might organize API folx across and beyond ethnic or national lines.

API Educator Pipeline

How do we attract API educators into the workforce and support them throughout their professional journey?; In this episode, we rap with Yan Yii on increasing the number of API educators that are coming through our teacher-pipelines and emerging as union leaders.


How do we uproot anti-blackness in API space?; In today's episode, we chat with Jason & Courtney, to dig into ways anti-blackness manifests in API spaces and begin to imagine ways to uproot anti-blackness across our communities.


What does it mean to be a wayfinder? In this episode, Gabriel & Estella chat with Sam Kapoi and Ka'ehukai Burley to navigate ways we might apply our ancestral knowledge to our daily lives.

For more information on wayfinding and the voyage Sam discusses on today’s episode visit

The Groundwork

What is Continental Shifts Podcast and who are we? In this episode, Gabriel & Estella lay the groundwork for season one and share the genesis of this passion project. Host, Gabriel, describes this podcast as the duos’ “Reasonable Doubt”!

Continental Shifts - Coming Soon

Get ready, fam! Continental Shifts Podcast drops December 14, 2020, right here. Join Gabriel & Estella - bi-coastal educators - as they embark on a voyage in search of self, culture, and the ancestors. As Samoan and Filipino Americans, they'll explore their own identities byway of dialogue on education, politics, union organizing, hip hop, and much more.

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